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Influencer Marketing Strategy

Common influencer marketing objectives explained

Not sure what the goal of your next influencer marketing campaign should be? This post breaks down the most common influencer marketing objectives.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer relations: influencer marketing 2.0

Ready to level up your influencer marketing? Learn what influencer relations is, what the benefits and challenges are, and how to activate the...

Social Media Tips

Social media best practices for SaaS companies

We looked at top players to extract best practices for SaaS companies on social media. Get concrete, actionable pointers on what your SaaS should do.

Social Media Tips

How to find someone on Instagram

How to find someone on Instagram by username, name, phone number, mutual friends, and so much more. This post shows ways to find someone on...

Influencer Marketing Strategy

How to do a brand ambassador search

Want to learn how to do a brand ambassador search? This guide walks through what to look for, where to look, and how to do it.

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